Bobby Glen James

Bobby is an entrepreneur, Owner of several companies. Currently, NP consulting, Botecha, CharterTech, 8 Wisdoms LLC and CharterLight. He is also the president of SpeakUp – Professional Speakers Studio. He is highly passionate which also makes him a compelling trainer. Bobby is the author of a book titled “8 Wisdoms” a great book for those looking for insight into a more successful life.


You must love to learn OR you will not LEARN


“In life, our relationships are the gears that move us to the other Wisdoms.”

8 Wisdoms

The greatest ADVENTURE is the search for WISDOM


Experiencing adversity does not disqualify us from being successful. In fact, the challenges and obstacles that life throws in our way can help us develop the skills we need to succeed.


The principles that Bobby teaches are concept that he has applied in his own life and by doing so he has found joy, fun, happiness and success.

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